What is counselling?

How will counselling make me feel?

Will I feel better straight away?

Does it work for everybody?

Will I be able to have counselling that understands my cultural background?

Is all counselling the same?

What types of counselling are there?

How long does it take?

How long is a session?

How often will I see my Counsellor?

I am disabled, will that make a difference?

Where can I access counselling?

How is counselling delivered?

Can I always choose what counsellor I want to see?

How much does it cost?

What questions should I ask the counsellor before counselling begins?

What should I look for in a counsellor?

How do I know which is the right counsellor for me?

What if I don’t like my counsellor?

What can I do if it doesn’t work?

How do I know if my counsellor is qualified?

Does a counsellor have to be licensed?

How can I end counselling?

What if I cannot attend a session. Will I still be charged?

What happens if I’m going to miss a session when I’m on holiday?

Will my counsellor talk to anybody about what I say in session?

 What information will I have to share with my counsellor?

Will the counsellor tell my doctor?

Can I bring a friend?

What is Skype / Facetime / Hangout / Zoom / Signal / WhatsApp?

Why using video-conference software?

How do I make sure that I receive emails from RH Counselling?

What is the RH Counselling’s official website?

Is RH Counselling on social media?

Can I find rhcounselling on on-line maps?

Entered RH Counselling also any directories?

Thank you very much for your patience to read my FAQs.

These frequently asked question (FAQs) is in parts an abstract of the BACP webpage.

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