Additional Education

additional education - BACP Register


Dipl. Counselling & Supervision Service

I have also attended several additional education and training courses (CPD’s) over the last few years. Please refer to the list below:


        • Emotionally Focused Therapy with Couples
        • Working with Attachment and Emotion in Emotionally Focused Therapy with Couples
        • Conducting Online Therapy Sessions that Deliver Results


        • Transactional Analysis 101
        • Online Mindfulness Being Present Course: Level 1
        • CPD – Love, Sex and Porn – Uncomfortable Bedfellows?
        • Mindfulness Level 2 (Module 3)
        • Using an Object Relations Focus in Sexual and Relationship Therapy
        • Mindfulness Level 2 (Module 2)
        • Working in Supervision with the impact of Trauma within a Healthcare setting
        • Children, Young People and Families conference 2019 – Working with risk: the therapist’s dilemma
        • Mindfulness Level 2 (Module 1)


        • Conversational Intelligence
        • Mindfulness Level 1: Being Present (Module 4)
        • CYP conference 2018 – Working with children in their world
        • Innovative Models for Working with Domestic Abuse
        • Mindfulness Level 1 (Module 3)
        • Mindfulness Level 1 (Module 2)


        • Mindfulness Level 1 (Module 1)
        • Transactional Analysis with Couples
        • BDSM and other Sexualities
        • Working with Addiction and Bereavement
          • Working with Addiction: underlying causes
          • Working with bereaved clients
          • Sugar – the new baddie on the block?
          • What’s wrong with porn? The rising prevalence of sex and pornography addiction
          • Broken lives, Broken brains, Broken hearts
        • Working with Children and Young People: Self harm, eating disorders and supporting the LGBT community
          • Working with young people who self-harm
          • Working with identity and self-esteem in young people with eating disorders
          • Working with young people in the LGBT community
          • Self-harm: The solution, not the problem
          • Do we have a choice? An attachment perspective on choosing (and not choosing)
          • The emotional legacy of childhood abuse and the enduring impact for survivors of abuse


        • Mindfulness Practitioner Foundation (Module 1)
        • Attachment and Intimacy
        • Relational Depth and Emotional Connection in Online Therapy
        • UK/European Symposium on Addictive Disorders


        • Transactional Analysis 101
        • Trauma: The challenge of our age
        • The Impact of Trauma on Contact and Intimacy


        • Working therapeutically and safely online. How we and our clients stay safe online.
        • Exploring Anger. Finding the Gift.
        • Domestic Abuse and Black Minority Ethnic Families
        • Prostate Cancer UK
        • Sex Addiction and the Couple Relationship


        • The Cycle of Change
        • Becoming Friends with Death
        • Protecting Information
        • Mindfulness Practice


        • Positive Range of Options to Avoid Crisis and use Therapy Strategies for Crisis Intervention and Prevention


        • Infant Mental Health


        • Telephone Counselling
        • Working with People with Autisim


        • Alcohol and older people
        • Basic Awareness (Child Protection)
        • First Aid Training


        • Gilt and Shame


        • Supporting & Protecting Adults from Abuse
        • First Steps Youth Work
        • Principles and Practice Level 1 to Work with Children and Young Peolpe

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