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Coronavirus Practice Contingency Plan

Important Coronavirus information for all my clients…

… and I truly appreciate the time you take to read it.
Dear Client/s

It’s fair to say that the last few months haven’t been easy. Coronavirus and lockdown life has seen many of us juggling work, home schooling the kids, worrying about the health of those closest to us, and generally adapting to a different way of life.

It’s all had a bearing on our mental health and physical wellbeing, but as restrictions start to lift, it’s important to move into this next phase as safely as possible.

I am pleased to say that, by following the guidelines of the Scottish Government, I am considering to re-open my counselling practice for face-to-face sessions on or around the 15th of February 2021. At first, I do expect that there will be many clients eager to come back and see me right away, so I will prioritise appointments based on clients need. Please bear with me if I can’t book face-to-face appointments as quickly as I normally would.

I also have to say that it is still recommended to avoid face-to-face sessions and you are strongly advised to use my online counselling or over the phone counselling service whenever possible. Only use the in-person face-to-face service if you feel you really need it; and please be also advised that you do so on your own risk and I am not responsible in the event you do get coronavirus covid19.

When you do visit me for your pre-arranged appointment, I ask that you follow a few simple steps. Please take a look at these (below) before you arrive.

Before you enter the practice

Please make sure you feel well, you or anybody in your household don’t have a temperature, cough or sore throat. If you think you have covid19 or if you feel unwell please stay at home and I will reschedule your appointment, or have a online appointment instead.

Please pay your session before your appointment starts online on my website If you are not able to pay online, I have a card payment device where you can pay contactless with your debit/credit card or mobile phone.

Please don’t arrive too early or be late for your appointment. This will help us maintain social distancing by avoiding a ‘build-up’ of patients within the practice.

Please don’t bring anyone else into the practice with you unless necessary. Exceptions include a parent/guardian of children under 18 years old, or a carer.

Please bring as little belongings with you as possible, this limits the risk of any contamination.

Please use the hand sanitiser provided in front of the entrance door. To avoid any kind of skin reactions/allergies I recommend to use your own hand sanitiser.

I would also recommend that you use a face mask when entering the premise.

Please make sure you bring your own towel to dry your hands in the case you have to use the toilet.

Inside the practice

I will open and close all doors for you in order to reduce as much cross contamination as possible.

Please wear your face mask until you are sitting and settled. If you are settled you are allowed to take your face mask off. But I strongly recommend to still use your face mask.

Please try and maintain a 2 meter distance whenever possible.

I’ll ask you some arrival questions about your physical health like “Are you feeling well”. Please answer all question honestly. I may check your temperature using a non-contact thermometer. If it is deemed too high, your appointment will be rescheduled for a later date.

Please use the toilet only if really necessary, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and dry your hands with your own towel.

Please touch as little as possible during your visit; also try not to touch your face.

If you have to sneeze or to cough please cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, your face mask or your own towel. After wiping your nose/mouth please use hand sanitiser.

After your appointment

You can book any future appointments or follow-ups at the end of your session or later over the phone or per email.

If within 14 days of your appointment you begin to develop any symptoms of possible COVID-19, such as a high fever or a new continuous cough, you should contact me, inform the NHS if necessary and follow the appropriate self-isolation advice.

Please be advised that, if I am tested positive with covid19, I will have to bring up your name to the NHS for their ‘Track and Trace’ scheme. I also will inform you personally over the phone so you can follow the appropriate self-isolation advice.

This was a lot of information. If you have any further question or would like some more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you very much for your co-operation.

For more and up-to-date info about coronavirus please visit the NHS website (click here) and/or the government website by clicking here.

If you have more questions please do not hesitate to contact me (clicking here).