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Dipl. Ehe- und Suchtberaterin


Zusaetzlich zu meinen Ausbildungen absolvierte ich jedes Jahr einige Weiterbildungen und nahm an einigen Fortbildungen teil. Auf dieser Seite finden Sie alle diese Weiterbildungen nach Jahren sortiert. Da ich all mein zusaetzliches Training in Englischer Sprache absolvierte und alle Zertifikate in Englischer Sprache sind, ist auch diese Auflistung in Englisch.



  • Mindfulness Level 2 (Module 3)
  • Using an Object Relations Focus in Sexual and Relationship Therapy
  • Mindfulness Level 2 (Module 2)
  • Children, Young People and Families conference 2019 – Working with risk: the therapist’s dilemma
  • Mindfulness Level 2 (Module 1)


  • Conversational Intelligence
  • Mindfulness Level 1: Being Present (Module 4)
  • CYP conference 2018 – Working with children in their world
  • Innovative Models for Working with Domestic Abuse
  • Mindfulness Level 1 (Module 3)
  • Mindfulness Level 1 (Module 2)



  • Mindfulness Level 1 (Module 1)
  • Transactional Analysis with Couples
  • BDSM and other Sexualities
  • Working with Addiction and Bereavement
    • Working with Addiction: underlying causes
    • Working with bereaved clients
    • Sugar – the new baddie on the block?
    • What’s wrong with porn? The rising prevalence of sex and pornography addiction
    • Broken lives, Broken brains, Broken hearts
  • Working with Children and Young People: Self harm, eating disorders and supporting the LGBT community
    • Working with young people who self-harm
    • Working with identity and self-esteem in young people with eating disorders
    • Working with young people in the LGBT community
    • Self-harm: The solution, not the problem
    • Do we have a choice? An attachment perspective on choosing (and not choosing)
    • The emotional legacy of childhood abuse and the enduring impact for survivors of abuse



  • Mindfulness Practitioner Foundation (Module 1)
  • Attachment and Intimacy
  • Relational Depth and Emotional Connection in Online Therapy
  • UK/European Symposium on Addictive Disorders



  • Transactional Analysis 101
  • Trauma: The challenge of our age
  • The Impact of Trauma on Contact and Intimacy



  • Working therapeutically and safely online. How we and our clients stay safe online.
  • Exploring Anger. Finding the Gift.
  • Domestic Abuse and Black Minority Ethnic Families
  • Prostate Cancer UK
  • Sex Addiction and the Couple Relationship



  • The Cycle of Change
  • Becoming Friends with Death
  • Protecting Information
  • Mindfulness Practice



  • Positive Range of Options to Avoid Crisis and use Therapy Strategies for Crisis Intervention and Prevention



  • Infant Mental Health



  • Telephone Counselling
  • Working with People with Autisim



  • Alcohol and older people
  • Basic Awareness (Child Protection)
  • First Aid Training



  • Gilt and Shame



  • Supporting & Protecting Adults from Abuse
  • First Steps Youth Work
  • Principles and Practice Level 1 to Work with Children and Young Peolpe


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